The Caves
St Martin

Driven by the notion of promoting and recognising unique terroirs and strong values, the Caves St Martin are approaching this new era with passion and authenticity, to better meet the challenges of tomorrow, and to continue pursuing a beautifully preserved wine heritage.

2000 years

In Luxembourg, we have been growing vineyards for nearly 2000 years.

1 km

Our underground galleries have been dug into the rock and extend out over a kilometre.


The Caves St Martin were inaugurated in 1919.

A little

Just like a jewel expert who knows the value of his rough diamonds, the seven pioneers of the epic St Martin were able to recognise the magic of the huge limestone rock located downstream from the town of Remich. In this place of wild beauty, the Messrs Eugene Koch, Jean Faber, Eugene Knepper, J.P. Hartmann, Pierre Wurth, Jean Beissel and Mathias Ley made their mark on the history of Luxembourgish sparkling wines in the wake of the First World War in 1919.